Bank Mechanisms Commodity Funding Assistance Programme

Commodity Funding Assistance

We can create Joint ventures where you will be provided with 100% of the financing to close the transaction with profits being shared. more...

Bank Mechanisms Bank Guanantee Program

Bank Guarantee Program

Our Funding Program ranges from $5 Million to $1 Billion plus. We can provide you or your company with a 'Bank Guarantee'. more...

Funding for Real Estate, Property Project, Oil, Mine and Alternative Energy Projects

Project Funding

We offer finance on a varying range of projects from Real Estate / Property Projects to Oil, Mine and Alternative Energy Projects such as Solar Developments and Windfarms. more...

Power of the Professionals

With an extensive network across the global financial markets, our Alliances and Partnerships allow us access to some of the largest private financial institutions in the world which in turn enables us to secure funding and facilitate transactions that others find difficult.


Welcome to Bank Mechanisms

Bank Mechansims finance 100% of commodity transactions

Bank Mechanisms is an organisation that helps Companies, Buyers and Sellers facilitate their financial transactions whether that be from funding 100% of a commodity transaction, providing Bank Guarantees or Letters of Credit to funding Resorts and Hotel Developments, Residential Developments, Commercial Developments, Renewable Energy Projects, Refinance and Acquisitions.

Features of our Service

WORLDWIDE SERVICES We can facilitate transactions on behalf of any compnay located in any country of the world including China, North/South America, Europe etc.

TRANSACTIONS CAN CLOSE WITHIN 7-10 DAYS. We can act very quickly to ensure a fast and efficient service, provided that all of the information required by our underwriters is made available to us when requested.

NO UPFRONT FEE. With our Bank Guarantee Program & Commodity Funding Assistance, we undertake to establish if we can help you, with no upfront cost, only once we have established that we can help an escrow deposit would be required. In the case of project funding a due diligence fee would be payable, to verify the viability of the Project and assess the business Plan, but we would only offer to undertake Due Diligence if we are confident that we can match your funding requirements with one of our funds.