Commodity Funding & Bank Guarantees

We have an extensive financial network and links throughout the world which enables us to finance 100% of commodity transactions. This is not for speculators but for experienced professionals that have both the buyer and seller of commodity transactions in place. We have International Investment banking clients, not speculators that will finance 100% of commodity transactions where the referring party has both the buyer and seller in place. This program works well with all commodities but extremely well with GOLD and OIL. The individuals connected with our program are financial professionals not commodity traders, but they fund transactions annually for billions of dollars in commodities. From our understanding there are only two financial sources in the world that are funding this type of transaction and our client is the largest and most successful.

Our client a major banking/Investment organization will fund 100% of every commodity transaction where there is confirmed buyer and confirmed seller for experienced trader professionals. There is no dollar limitation. Your clients can execute programs over $100M. This is not for paper traders but associates that have clients that buy and sell commodities. They put up no money and my client performs all paper work and performance bonds also. If there is a delay of a few days within the process, this is required to protect the trade with Put and Call strategies. It is possible to enter into Joint Ventures where your client receives 50% of all profits paid at settlement. The charge on each trade is 12% of its face value, but remembers, a good trade can make millions of dollars in profits.

Once the customer is screened, their bank becomes their representative and everything is completed "bank to bank." Their bank represents the client’s interest and there are NO UP FRONT FEES. There is no bank, not even the biggest banks in the United States that offers these services. In fact banks, Investment Advisers and Hedge Funds will want to use this service. The customer does not have to supply Executive Summaries, Credit Reports or other personal information. All interfaces with client are completed Bank to Bank. Their bank is the only one that discloses information.

We can facilitate transactions on behalf of any company located in any country of the World including China, North America, South America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Australia. You name the country and we can close a transaction in that country in 7 to 10 business days.

Commodity Funding Assistance Programme

Our Commodity Funding Assistance Programme will provide you with 100% of the financing required to close your transactions. If you have secured a qualified Supplier and a qualified End Buyer we will use our financial capacity to provide the required financial undertakings, including the posting of a Performance Bond to the buyers and the Issuance of the required documentary Letter of Credit to the Suppliers Bank. We operate Worldwide and this is a total and transparent transaction.

Bank Guarantee Programme

Our Funding Programme ranges from $5 Million to $1 Billion plus. We can provide you or your organization with a 'Bank Guarantee', a 'Letter of Credit', a 'Stand By Letter of Credit', or a Treasury Bill to any country in the world; transactions can be settled 100% within 10 business days.

There are NO UP FRONT FEES. An escrow deposit is required, but not until the borrowers bank has agreed to honour a Bank Guarantee and obtains the information they need. 'The escrow deposit is returned on settlement. It protects the lender from expenses relating to setting up the whole procedure, only to be told at last minute that the borrower is not going to proceed. It is returned to the borrower at the time of settlement so it is not a cost.'

We also have seasoned bank guarantees available with discounts of 80% to 84% of face value; and can supply seasoned bank guarantees in excess of $1 Billion.

The Process of our Program:

If your client requires a Bank Guarantee that they will own at the end of 1 year and 1 day, our charge is 17% at settlement. The additional 5% is escrowed and credited against the complete purchase price at the end of one year and one day.

The bank issuing the Bank Guarantee, Stand By Letter of Credit or Letter of Credit must agree to return the financial instrument at the end of one year unless it is renewed with us which would entail a new fee being charged. If you require a seasoned Bank Guarantee, we are able to supply also in amounts in excess of $1 billion.

Purchase Programme for:

Bank Guarantees, Stand by Letters of Credit and Letters of Credit and Treasury Bills will all be purchased at prevailing market rates.

AMOUNTS: $5 Million to $1 Billion. Remember there are no up front fees.